Adrien Magnus

Network Engineer

Professional Experiences

Network Engineer


Since March 2011
San Francisco, CA - United States

- Designing Private Cloud offering based on VMware

- Contributing to development of a brain rehabilitation app built with Ruby on Rails

- Leveraging Amazon's cloud to build disaster recovery service for business clients

Operations Engineer


From September 2009 Till January 2010
San Francisco, CA - United States

- Administration and migration of VMware ESX virtualized environment in production

- Integration of Kaseya monitoring into Autotask's ticketing system

- Installation, configuration and monitoring of servers running Windows Server 2003/2008

IT Consultant

Avantgarde Prague

From February Till May 2009
Prague - Czech Republic

- Deployed Dolibarr CRM and tailor-made modules development

- Released a Debian server including web server, file sharing and IMAP mirror (Apache/MySQL, Samba, Dovecot)

- Setting up an e-mailing marketing campaign

Network Technician

Deutsche Telekom Labs

From May Till July 2008
Leipzig - Germany

- Realized a WLAN access point with SMS authentication and captive portal (Chillispot), on a Debian distribution

- Achieved a mesh network between three WLAN access points

Educational Background

Network and Telecom Engineer


October 2011
Villeneuve d'Ascq - France

Currently in the last year of a five-year Master Degree in Computer Sciences.

- Software Engineering on Distributed Computing

- Mobile Communication

- Management in Competitive Environment

Exchange Semester

Deutsche Telekom Hochschule

February 2011
Leipzig - Germany

- CDMA for Wireless and Optical Communication

- Optical Fiber Communication



- Certified VMware Technical Sales Professional

- Cloud Strategies: Amazon EC2/S3

- Configuration: Cisco PIX/ASA

- System Administration: Nginx, Apache, Git, MySQL, Debian expert, Microsoft Server


- Programming: Ruby on Rails, Java/Android, Python, PHP, XSLT

- Open Source projects:

Personal Interests

Student Entrepreneurs Organization

- Former Vice President at 3E-Lille

- Leading a 10 people team, Student hiring and Sales prospecting

- Management of the web hosting service–1,000 email accounts, 250+ websites and 3 servers

Technical Writer

- Freeplayer, Pour aller plus loin avec ma Freebox, with GoProd CEO Adrien Touati (2005)


- Worked, studied and traveled in 15 countries in Europe and North America

- Playing drums and well versed into the Bay Area music scene



Native language





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